About Jay Ambe Parcel Service

At Jay Ambe Parcel Service “client satisfaction” is paramount. Ever since our inception in 2010, it has been our sole motto. Our clients needs, no matter how demanding, no matter how challenging have always been at the pinnacle of our agenda. Even today, after years of service, we are striving relentlessly to expand our functions and operations, to help us serve our clients to the height of their expectations. We specialize in international courier to the USA, UK, Europe, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and World Wide 220 countries has provided us unstinted support, enabling us to widen the scope of our activities. Besides, our formal affiliations with multinational courier companies have allowed us an extensive worldwide network. All this helps us in the speedy delivery of your package. So when you think quality service and speed, think Jay Ambe Parcel. We employ the most stringent safety measures. With us there is no chance of loss, pilferage or damage to your package. Besides we are one of the few courier companies that provide international door-to door cargo. So when you think reliability, think Jay Ambe Parcel. Our website is equipped with the latest tracking facilities, which will keep you updated on the status of your package. Besides, our staff is always eager to assist you in any way possible. So once your package is in our hands, you can rest assured that it will be delivered at express speed to the desired destination with utmost care. So when you think trust, think Jay Ambe Parcel. Our deep understanding our clients needs, our sensitivity and responsiveness to changing business requirements, our state-of-the-art services, and not to mention, our highly affordable prices have made us a name to contend with in the courier industry. Given a chance we will endeavor to serve you to the best of our ability, leaving no stone unturned. So when you think Jay Ambe Parcel, think no further.

Our Team

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Brijesh Patel